BYOM (Bring your own mug)

BYOM (bring your own mug)

I was in a friends office yesterday and they had the cleanest kitchen area I have ever seen at an office. There were no cups in the sink. There were no cups on the draining board, and before you ask there was not a dishwasher and the cleaner came every other day.

Not the normal thing for me to comment on, however I have been in offices where there are signs all around the worktops where it states “not the dishwasher” or “please put cups in the dishwasher and not the sink”, but this company had none of that and there were around 30 staff milling around the place.

What was the secret I asked.

“It’s very simple, we have a bring you own mug policy. That mug is your mug and your responsibility. If it is found in a place where it shouldn’t be, it is simply thrown away. ”

“surely throwing things away like that would cause a riot?” I inquired.

“No, not anymore. We haven’t thrown a mug out yet, we have put them in the bin and then told the person, and hence if they want it they need to get it out. Problem solved.”

“What about guests mugs?”, thinking I had found a chink in the argument.

“Same thing, we have 5 guest mugs, if they are not cleared up they go in the bin, and because of that, the next time a guest arrives there aren’t any. The person who is embarrassed is normally the person who didn’t clear up. It is simple and about respect.”

So there you have it. BYOM or Bring Your Own Mug. Saves money, time and clutter.

My friend had one final thing to say

“If its your own mug you look after it better, you do a better job of cleaning it, as you only have one mug to look after, you don’t have to wash a whole bowl full.”

Can’t argue with that.


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