What is the most popular initial alphabet letter mug?

J Camels

So why are we letting you know which are our most popular letter mug?

When we set up Mary Hinge we wanted to know a few things. Things which would normally be secret trading however our approach is pretty open. We sell mugs and coasters and if something could be useful to the wider community and it didn’t impact our business too much why not let everyone know. Seems fair.


So which of our alphabet mugs sell the best.

Firstly before thousands of jewelry companies start  making lots of “K” necklaces. You have to understand our products and our sense of humour. We don’t sell a mug with just a letter on it. No, we wanted to add value to it, so we created our own phonetic alphabet. The Nato phonetic alphabet is helpful, it allows people to communicate the spelling of words or groups of letters easily as the word used not only begins with that letter but also does not sound like any of the other words used in the Nato alphabet. Our phonetic alphabet differs in two ways. Firstly it is totally unhelpful, and secondly some of the words sound alike just to add confusion. It is our unhelpful phonetic alphabet.

So by knowing this, you now know that our customers also have a sense of humour and you would also conclude that the person that they are buying the mugs for (if not themselves) has a similar sense of humour. This therefore may not be the most reliable information on what are the most common or used initials in the United Kingdom.


However here are our findings, and they are to be honest not outrageous. We weren’t expecting many X’s or U’s and we were right, so we created J Camels. As this is the closest word or name we could come up with to describe the choices.

J is by far the most bought for. It may be that our J for Orange is the funniest letter mug or that there are more people with the name beginning with  J who find it funniest.

And then CAMELS are around the same C for Miles, A for Horses, M for Sis, E for Ewe, L for Leather and S for Rantzen .

So there you have it. We hope it is of use and that you let anyone else who is interested know.

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