Mary Hinge is a bunch of people, hand selected by international royal families, to design and deliver to you, the finest mugs you have ever been capable of holding in your hands. Maybe. Or Probably. Whatever the Carlsberg advert says so that they can get away with saying whatever they like.

As our good friend, Prince Albert of Karlssberg has never really said to us, go forth and produce a mug that the world would be proud of.

We hope to adorn your shelves with mugs that make you smile, even if only for a moment.

What is the Mary Hinge Story?

There is a Lady who has spent a life travelling the world, seeing things, hearing things, and most of all, of laughing.  This is Mary Hinge. Mary likes nothing more than sitting in a favourite chair, surrounded by friends whilst hearing and sharing the funniest, and sometimes rudest of tales. The English language lives in Mary - she loves to play with words, with phrases and to be amused by the ridiculous double meaning of pretty much anything that only the English language can offer.

As much as she loves the language, she also loves people. People of all walks of life - Mary believes that every person deserves to spend a lifetime surrounded by love and laughter. She loves it when people get to be themselves, and even more when people are free to express themselves however they choose.

Why does the Mary Hinge Shop Exist?

It is the loves of language and people that have driven Mary to bring together a group of her most special friends and to create a wide range of mugs, beer glasses, coasters, and anything else she can think of, that will help people be themselves and to laugh. Because it really is true, laughter is the best medicine. Unless of course it isn't. But that really is down to individual circumstances, and even then, we're sure that on the dark days that so many people have, the tiniest of smiles can truly make the difference.

Mary Loves Her Designs

Mary hopes that you love all of the designs that her friends have put together. They have enjoyed every single second of thinking them up, thinking of you, and of hand creating a design that will bring that glimmer of a smile. Or a belly laugh. Or maybe even the tears down your face kind of laughter.

There is a possibility that some may not revel in the designs. This can be easily remedied by one or all of three things - don't buy anything, by letting us know that something isn't funny (although we can't promise to agree), or our favourite - let us know what would make you laugh. If you do this, we will work our fingers off to try and make something from that idea that works for you - we can't promise it will, but hey, it really does underline Mary's commitment to making the world laugh, even if for only a second.

Well, that's it for now. Mary Hinge really does hope you like her store. Mary hopes you love the designs. She hopes you love the all in one prices. She hopes you love the free delivery.

What she really hopes though, is that you buy a lot, and help spread the laughs.

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