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For Journeys made in smile

Our Travel Mugs

Our Travel Mugs need to be robust. It needs to keep your well prepared liquids as hot or as cold as you have prepared for as long as possible. It must be made of lightweight and easy to clean stainless steel. The feel of the Travel Mug as it hits your lips needs to be just right.

Most of all, your travel mug needs to be from Mary Hinge.  A mug from Mary Hinge sends that perfect message to your fellow travellers.

You’re funny. You’re smart. Engaging.  Good looking. You have the perfect body. You speak like royalty.

Ok, we’re getting carried away!

Just buy the perfect travel mug from Mary and you’ll soon be having journeys with smiles.

Our Travel Mugs come designed with our full range of inappropriate things, keep drinks hot or cold, and are delivered in perfect packaging.

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