Birthday Princess Mug
Birthday Princess Mug

Birthdays are great. They are like rings that trees get. For every year we get older we get a birthday. A tree get a ring. Not a diamond ring but a mark around it’s inside. I think we get a better deal than the tree.

So to celebrate birthdays we give people presents, cards or cake. At an office it is usual for the person whose day it is to actually make or more usually buy the cake. Some gift. Some companies allow people to have their birthday off as a perk of the job. That is fine unless your birthday is likely to fall on a bank holiday like Christmas or New Year. My birthday is in the middle of June and that means that it occasionally fell on the same day as Fathers Day which meant that I had to give my dad a present aswell as him giving me one. To be fair I got a bike  and he would get some toffees or a key ring so again I think I got a better deal.

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