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Awesome Mugs

Why have any old mug, when you can have a fantastic Mary Hinge warming your hands as you sit and sip your favourite hot tipple.

Posh Mugs

Goodness gracious me - as if a Mary Hinge Mug isn't special enough, our delectable porcelain posh mug really is the bees knees

On the Go Mugs

And if you're constantly on the go, or an amazingly slow drinker, why not invest in our thermal travel mug range?


What could be better than having a special place to put your special thing onto. Your Mum would be proud.

Beer Glasses

How about a special range of glasses that can be filled with your favourite liquid and sipped from to your hearts content?

Water Bottles

For those of you who drink anything else but coffee, tea or beer, this really is the product for you - the awesome water bottle

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Even though we have now sold so many mugs, we've decided to use stock images and fake testimonials to convince you to buy


I sip my coffee in the morning from my Mary Hinge and it is delicious

Sarah Jones

Interior Designer

R For Daley Mug

I don't go anywhere without my Travel Mary and it always keeps things nice and hot

Jessica Foxx



The Hinge Coaster is just the thing to keep dirty rings off of my important surfaces

Luke Briana

Party Boy

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