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Our Beer Glasses are frosted to make them look even cooler than they already are. They are not to be mistaken for Beer Goggles. We don’t sell Beer Goggles, but reckon you can find them after 10 beers in our beer Glasses. Not that we actually recommend that. That would be more than your maximum daily units. And would be really irresponsible of us. Don’t do it.

Much like our Mugs and Coasters, our Beer Glasses are a work of art. It has printed upon it, designs that are intended to bring smiles to their holders.

Our designs range from the ridiculous, the rude, the amusing, euphemisms, and basically, anything we found funny.

We think that owning a Mary Hinge Frosted Beer Glass is the perfect gift both to friends and family, or even to yourself.

So, buy away, and you will soon be sitting with a smile!

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