It wouldn’t happen in my day Frosted Beer Glass


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It wouldn’t happen in my day Frosted Beer Glass

These 16oz frosted glass beer mugs are perfect for relaxing with a refreshing cold beverage.

Product Size: 16oz

Why should I buy it?

This is our awesome It wouldn’t happen in my day Frosted Beer Glass that thrusts anyone into the mysterious and somewhat baffling world of Mary Hinge.

It is the It wouldn’t happen in my day Frosted Beer Glass. Did you know that Beer Glasses were invented many decades, if not centuries ago? An also less known fact is that they were invented to not only hold beer, but actually to aide the imbibing of its delicious contents.

You really can’t beat a beer. Especially a nice cold one. Maybe on a summers day as the sun sets over yonder. After eating a delicious barbecued feast.

How about that Beer with friends? Gathering round as you share tales of your day/week/month.

We haven’t even talked about the kind of beers – Lagers, Pilsners, Ales, IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Wheat Beers. Or Beers from Foreign Lands and even those from home.

Every single on of those beers lives in this special glass. A glass made for beer drinking pleasure.

And our chief writer tells me we shouldn’t forget the Cider Drinkers. This glass loves a bit of Scrumpy in side her.

In fact, it’ll fit most things in. Except liquid nitrogen. That just wouldn’t do.

Who is it for?

It Wouldn’t Happen In My Day is a glorious phrase which brings up a world of rose tinted glasses and nostalgia. Anyone who has been in a role where a predecessor (immediate or otherwise) is still in the room with you will know this phrase particularly well. So this mug as a gift, is slightly passive aggressive. Give this to the person who says the phrase and it will bring to their attention the frequency of utterance. It may well bring it to the attention that they never say the words again. If this is the case then you have won. Well done.


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