Mildly Moist Aluminium Sports Water Bottle


What is it?

Our Mildly Moist Aluminium Sports Water Bottle from the lovely folks at Mary Hinge.

Our sports bottles have a white high gloss exterior and are perfect for keeping drinks both hot and cold. They also come with an interchangeable mouth piece with a cap and a screw top with a snap hook.

Diameter: 65mm

Height: 180mm

Capacity: 400ml


Why should I buy it?

As well as being relatively smutty, rude, and inappropriate, we here at Mary Hinge are secret Eco Warriors. We give companies straws back when we are not going to use them and we would like there to be less plastic in the world hence our sports water bottles. This nifty bit of kit allows you to reuse a bottle many times as opposed to throwing it away. It is perfect for water or cold beverages and has a clip so you can attach it to your belt. It can also save you money as more and more places are allowing you, if not promoting you, to fill up on their water for free, just as long as you bring your own vessel to take it away with.

There will be a day when the car boot is not just filled with bags for life, but we will take water bottles and travel mugs with us en mass wherever we go.

Who is it for?

Moist is known as one of the most innocent yet offensive words that exist. Mildly Moist was used by Stephen Fry on the television programme Top Gear. So this range of products sets out those words. It is a clear design set out in a minimalist way. Just causing a little bit of uneasyness to anyone who witnesses the product. We are very proud of this range. A great Secret Santa or Secret Satan gift.






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