Retirement Mugs

How better to celebrate retirement than giving one of our retirement mugs. It is nice to give gifts when people leave a business, none more so than when they retire. I am sure there will be a collection to get some knitting needles or a fishing rod. Yet what about something personal from yourself as opposed to a team.

Our retirement mugs are sarcastic, witty but full of love. They could be classed as passive aggressive, and some may not see the funny side, to us that makes them funnier.

I Used To Be Important Mug Left-side
I Used To Be Important Mug Left-side

Lets face it when you are retired you certainly have more time for making coffee and tea. Therefore a mug is the perfect gift. Our best selling models are the “Has Been” slogan or the “I used to be important” printed on both sides of the mug. This has been thought about as it means that they are suitable for both left and right handed drinkers.

Prices include postage and packing and delivery is within five working days.

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