Schrodinger’s Bathroom Scales Mug


What is it?

Our Schrodinger’s Bathroom Scales Mug from Mary Hinge

  • 11oz glossy ceramic.
  • Bright white glossy finish.
  • Dishwasher & Microwave safe.

Why should I buy it?

This is our entry level product into the mysterious and somewhat baffling world of Mary Hinge. It is Our Schrodinger’s Bathroom Scales Mug. A common mug. A mug which helped build Britain. Mugs are the cornerstone of society. Every morning millions of mugs are used to wake Britons up and send them on to school or to work. There are very few people who can start the day without a drink. If all the mugs in the United Kingdom some how vanished over night the country would come to a stand still. So providing mugs to yourself or gifts to your friends, family and colleagues you are doing Britain a favour. You are keeping the world of commerce afloat by purchasing this our level speak mug. On behalf of the country we thank and applaud you.

It’s a nice, decent, standard, hard working mug which will do you proud for years to come. It was our first offering and we still like the little fellas.

Who is it for?

There are times in your life when you try and work out what you are doing. We design mugs for a living, that is what we do, however when I left school I never thought I would be combing quantum physics and ceramics. The only time I thought that could happen is if I worked for NASA.

Anyway. Schrodinger’s Cat is a famous scenario where a cat is in a box. The cat at this time is both dead and alive because we don’t know if it is dead or alive therefore it is both.

The same could be said for our weight. If you weigh yourselves weekly you are that weight all week. Until you stand on the scales your belief is that you are the same as the week before (you can have good weeks and bad weeks, sometimes you are up when you have been good and down when you have been bad), so therefore we have our Schrodinger’s Bathroom Scales paradox. I think we will have Google sewn up as I suspect those words have never been used together.

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