Angry Dragon Posh Mug


What is it?

Our Angry Dragon Posh Mug.

  • 10oz Porcelain Mug.
  • Dishwasher & Microwave safe therefore super for the office.
  • A happy addition to any crockery cupboard

Why should I buy it?

There are times when only the best things in life will do. It may not be buying a new car or house or even jetting down to the south of France on a weekend jolly. There are something that make life worth living and drinking out of a posh mug is one of those things. We call these mugs as posh. Our posh meeting mug is made out of porcelain and not of dried camel dung. They have an elegance to them as they are quite delicate.

There is an economic term called the “lipstick effect”. During a recession or depression folks will not spend their money on big investments like cars and holidays, but they will increase the money they spend on everyday items. Only by a very small amount. So by not buying a new car they can buy a posher lipstick. Spend five pound more on dinner out than buying a new house. The Angry Dragon Posh Mug is for you because it makes might make you feel better. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Who is it for?

This is a lovely looking design which could easily be the name of a child’s book with a cute looking cartoon dragon, who is looking mildy upset as opposed to angry. I would suggest that you don’t look up the slang meaning of Angry Dragon on your works computer or works phone as we cannot be responsible for the ensuing disruption to your life. (losing job, partner walking out on you, drinking meths in the park). So there is a joy in watching your innocent colleagues or members using our Angry Dragon Posh Mug.

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