Santa’s Helper Stainless Steel Travel Mug


What is it?

Our Santa’s Helper Stainless Steel Travel Mug from Mary Hinge and Associate. A popular product for drivers and travellers, these well made white coated stainless steel thermo travel mugs are excellent for anyone on the go.


Why should I buy it?

In our modern world everything is changing. Our Rusty Trombone Stainless Steel Travel Mug is en trend because it has changed with the world.

Over the past few months many beverage vendors have more environmentally friendly. They have reduced,  if not cease entirely in their use of plastic in the packaging. Less disposable items is the way forward. Reusable cups has been an answer, so much so that many vendors are therefore actually encouraging customers to bring in their own cups. Incentives include extra loyalty club points or a reduction in cost if you bring your own mug.

The key thing is that these are travel mugs as opposed to bringing your mothers best crockery into your local Caffe Costbucks One Republic.

They will do the job elegantly and similarly with a sense of style. They are also funny to read and therefore will cause your barista to smirk somewhat.

Who is it for?

Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine, Children Screaming blah de blah de blah. We all love it. This mug is here to get you in the mood. Many people aswell as fills themselves up with food and drink also increase their voluntary time and are out in the perishing cold, helping others outside. So this mug was originally built with them in mind. Ideal for the christmas fayres, the parades, the taking Santa around the town or helping out with the PTA or the elderly. Add some sparkle and warmth with this mug. Especially good with Mulled Wine or Mulled Cider, or eggnog, we like eggnog.

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